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YUAN TALKS is a one-stop platform that provides the most important News and Views about the economy, companies, financial markets and politics in the Greater China. We strive to help you understand the business side of the region with which you can make your investment decisions wiser and better.

This is the official website of the social media account Yuan Talks, which, after running for more than one year, has become one of the most recognized social media account focused on business issues in China and have near 60,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

China’s economy and financial markets are rapidly integrated to the global system, and therefore, no matter in which part of the world you are living, your investment decisions are inevitably affected by major business developments in China.

Here we are, a team of seasoned business journalists used to report for major news outlets in the region. We will bring you live updates of business issues and most valuable insights from government officials, entrepreneurs, economists, analysts, fund managers, traders and others.

Meanwhile, we are also building a platform to present investment products for overseas investors who are looking for exposure in China and other Asian economies.

YUAN TALKS belongs to Yuan Media Co. Ltd in Hong Kong. All Rights Reserved.