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China granted export licenses to 25 Brazilian meat plants


China granted export licenses to 25 Brazilian meatpacking plants, said Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry said on Monday.

The ministry said the plants – including 17 for beef exports, six for chicken, and one each for pork and donkey meat – “can already export immediately.”

China is Brazil’s largest export market for beef, chicken and pork, with demand surging since last year as an African swine fever outbreak has decimated China’s pig herds.

Brazilian pork exports to China soared 48 per cent in the first eight months of the year, according to Brazil government statistics, while beef exports to China are up 17 per cent and chicken exports rose soared 37 per cent.

Orlando Ribeiro, trade and foreign relations secretary at Brazil’s agriculture ministry, said at an event in Sao Paulo that the government would welcome additional plant approvals, suggesting the country might be able to streamline the evaluation process by “pre-listing” some meatpacking plants, a move that requires Beijing’s approval.