China to boost standard-setting in key technologies to bolster innovation – State Council

China aims to boost standard-setting in many key technological sectors, including high-speed rail, new-energy and smart vehicles and robots, as part of efforts to bolster innovation, opening-up and high-quality growth, according to a plan jointly released by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, the cabinet, on Sunday.

By 2035, China’s standardization work will be an open and integrated system driven by market forces and guided by the government, with full participation by companies and the public.

The development plan calls for scientific and research fruits in 50% of all projects concerned with shared key technologies and applied science and technology, and for the time required for setting national standards to be reduced to under 18 months from currently two years.

It envisions greater transparency for standardization work, and hugely improved convergence in key technical indicators between national and international standards, and it calls for 85% of national standards to be converted into international standards.

Under the plan, more than 50 national technical standards innovation centers will be established by 2025 to serve as standardization infrastructure to certify standards, together with a number of national labs and internationally acclaimed research institutions.

The plans calls for intensified efforts on studying standardization work in key areas with focused research in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum information, biotechnology and other fields.