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We provide a member-exclusive real-time wire services on Chinese economy and financial markets, with details and data you don’t see elsewhere.

From 8:00 am to 10:00 pm every trading day in mainland China and Hong Kong, we closely monitor information with potential to move the markets and importance to your understanding of market trends, including policy changes, official comments, economic data, industry report, independent research, company news, market views, etc. All the information is posted in a real-time news flow on the member-only Wire page, so that you get them in an efficient way.

By using latest technologies, we have sharply increased the volume of meaningful information we are able to provide at more affordable prices. Don’t Miss Out! Try us for free!

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  • THE WIRE – a member-exclusive page with up-to-the-minute updates every trading day in mainland China and Hong Kong.
  • You will see:
  • Instant updates of policy and regulation moves;
  • Live updates of top market movers and key factors driving market moves;
  • Systematic updates of data from official sources, industry bodies, independent research firms, etc.;
  • Meaningful info from industry insiders;
  • Summary of insightful research reports and notes from professionals;
  • Relevant stories from selected reliable local news outlets.
  • Feature stories on key trends in Chinese economy and financial markets