China expected to approve 6 – 8 nuclear power units per year in next five years – industry society

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Driven by the carbon-peaking and carbon-neutrality goal, China has been steadily developing its nuclear power capacity, said Wang Shoujun, president of the Chinese Nuclear Society, during the 23rd Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference on Tuesday.

As of June 2022, China has 53 nuclear power units in operation and 23 nuclear power units under construction, said Wang, adding that China has approved 10 new nuclear power units so far this year.

In the next five years, China is expected to further accelerate nuclear power installation and approve 6 – 8 nuclear power units per year, which will significantly increase the country’s nuclear power generation, he said.

By 2035, China’s nuclear power generation is expected to account for about 10% of its total power output, Wang said.